Day 4: Date Night

Tonight was date night with Cindy, and I took great measures to ensure a romantic evening. I planned a dinner at one of Kensington’s swankiest restaurants, The Vero Bistro Moderne, which boasts a $$$ classification on Urban Spoon, so I expected a purging of my wallet. I even decided to take Cindy to Zoo Lights, which I know will please her out of control Christmas spirit, despite the severe danger it could be to my disgruntled spirit. So, how did it go?

So I figured I would start off the date by appeasing Cindy with a nice gift. Since I know Cindy is a Christmas fanatic, I bought her a Christmas ornament that had caught my eye. Should it matter that the ornament was from the dollar store? It’s the thought that counts right? She was thrilled when she opened it, so our date was off to a good start.

I picked up Cindy and we headed to the restaurant for our 6 o’clock reservation. A benefit to having dinner in Kensington was that I did not have to concern myself with parking since I live there. With an array of mouthwatering (and pricey) entrees on the menu, I was surprised when Cindy chose her usual salad meal. She made up for this by picking the most expensive glass of champagne. As we finished off our meals, the waitress exchanged our plates with a bill. I reached for my wallet, and when I felt myself reaching for air, my heart dropped to somewhere below my navel. Breaking it to Cindy that she had to be the one to pay for this meal was no walk in the park, it was more like running from a masked killer. Another benefit of having dinner in Kensington? I could just run home and get my wallet, while cursing myself along the way.

I was ready to make up for dinner by putting on my most pleasant demeanor for Zoo Lights. Before heading to this merry event, we stopped off at Starbucks so I could grab some of their Christmas drinks. This instantly cheered up Cindy, as she seems to gain a childlike sense of wonder as she cradles those silly red cups. We got to the zoo, and I was treated to the disturbing parade of couples who were cuddling in public. I could sense Cindy’s anticipation, so I held her hand. It was a bad idea, because when I slipped on the large patch of ice, I dragged Cindy down with me. We hit the ground hard, and had showers of Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Brule Latte rain down on us. The night was definitely cut short at that point, a mere 20 minutes into Zoo Lights. I dropped Cindy off, and then decided to wallow in my self-misery by purchasing an ice-cream sandwich at the convenience store. When walking back to my apartment a sign outside the Hillhurst United Church caught my eye: there’s going to be a depression session about Christmas happening next week.

I’m seriously considering going to it.

And that’s another reason why I hate Christmas

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