Day 1: Christmas is dead to me….

Christmas is dead to me…

While the majority may think this is the best holiday of the year, I tend to disagree.

I hate Christmas.  Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge but it’s the truth.




I was at the mall this afternoon, and as I passed the Build-A-Bear workshop, I saw my father for the first time in 10 years. My father left me and my mom when I was twelve. Prior to his leaving, my father was a strict man. He never really saw the point of the “traditional” western Christmas. He encouraged me to be prudent, save money and work hard. In short, Christmas at my house was just another day. Once he left, my mom started to celebrate it with me. But my mother was a woman of high moral standard. She saw the real purpose of Christmas and the need to love one another. She took me to volunteer at homeless shelters and Feed the Hungry events. My experience with this season has always been subdued, and I soon grew to be astounded by how most people celebrate it.

My father was at Build-A-Bear with my two step sisters. That I have never met before. And as I looked over at them, I overheard their conversation. I heard one of the girls beg my father for a teddy bear that was overpriced. She said she wanted it as a Christmas gift. And I was shocked when my father willingly obliged. Who was this man that was so bizarrely joyful? How could he so hypocritically buy into the same nonsense he had criticized?

Christmas is a pompous, extravagant holiday filled with greed, commercialism, unmet expectations, annoying Christmas music that makes my ears bleed, tacky Christmas decorations, awkward dinner parties, drunken work parties, crowded airports, family fights and don’t even try to give me the Jesus was born BS because he was born in April… NOT December.

This is a season when emotions run high. I guess my emotions are starting to boil over. I can’t take another month of vapid smiles, and fake “cheer.” So this year I will take all of my cynicism towards this Christmas holiday and share it with you, dear reader.

I wish I could boycott the whole damn thing.

In the next coming weeks, I am going to have to submit myself to the torturous traditions of this holiday. Take buying gifts for instance.

This holiday is such a marketing scam to get people to buy crap that they don’t need, for people who don’t really appreciate it and just end up re-gifting it to some poor sap next year, just to make yourself feel like you are giving something to others to show them you ‘love them.’

Since when does love need to be associated with a gift???

“It’s a time to celebrate!” People exclaim.

What’s there to celebrate?

Celebrate the amount of debt I go into to buy gifts for people? Do we, in this industrialized Western population NEED all this STUFF????

Tis the season to relive the 12 Hates of Christmas.

Oh by the way, the tenants upstairs have picked this opportune moment to start playing their Christmas music.

This is why I hate Christmas…..

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